Web business owners need to assess and update their website from time to time to keep it running smoothly. If you own an online business and you want to boost your online presence, a website makeover can help. It will allow you to shape your online presence to be internet ready. With that said, you can give your business website a complete makeover with the tips below.

1. Add better Images on your website.

Instead of having just stuck photography on your website, you can add custom images of your team, product, business, or concepts. Such images are much more impactful than stock photos. Although stock photos are beautiful, it would really help your website if you upgraded with custom images. You did not necessarily need to hire a photographer and take new photos.

Editing, adjusting, and optimizing your images will help give your website a fresh look. And if you are new to the business, you can design a beautiful logo for your brand by clicking on this link.

2. Live Chat and Chat Bots

Employing chatbots and live chat on your website will go a long way to modernize it. These days everybody wants instant gratification, so by including chat options on your site, you will make it more convenient for users. Your visitors will get answers quicker than they would have from email and phone calls. This chat feature is one that every online business owner should take advantage of.

There are many chat options out there that you could choose from. If you wish to give your site a makeover, you should give this a try.

3. Speed up your website

Another effective way to keep your online business a complete makeover is by speeding up your website. Your visitors will not have the best experience on your site if it is slow, and this can make you lose customers. You should ensure that your website loads within two seconds. No matter how well you design your website, if it is slow, you will lose a lot of visitors.

You should scan and assess how fast your website is. There are different ways that you can increase your website speed. They include upgrading your hosting, limiting HTML requests, adding a CDN, optimizing your files and images, and adding website caching.

4. Refresh the Theme

Updating your theme gives your website if fresh appearance and feel. It is a very easy process. If you use WordPress, all you need to do is find a new theme you love, install it, activate it, and set it up. However, you should monitor the package store on the new theme, its framework, and how compatible it is with your plugins. You should also clone your website and install the theme on the cloned one so that people will not experience issues and downtime.

5. Add Calls-To-Action

You can modernize your website by adding calls-to-action. An effective CTA strategy is key if you want to make your website more effective and generate more leads. If you are not using calls-to-action, you need to start using them. And if you are already using them, you should check if your CTA strategy needs a revamp.


A website makeover can help you boost your brand’s online presence and improve your business. Business owners need to assess and update their website from time to time to keep it fresh and effective. The tips above will enable you to give your business website a complete makeover. In all, there is always room for improvements, so you must keep assessing and updating your website.

Written by: Keaton Hicks